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We are a start up based in Delaware, US, that connects you with top tier global talent wherever they are, whenever you need.


About us

We are a group of multinational IT Recruiters with backgrounds in diverse industries, capable of handling this candidate-driven market as only those working inside it can.


We hunt and screen candidates from Latin America and Africa, providing you with the missing piece of your project in a short time frame.



We are able to get in touch directly with the profile - no intermediares.

Consultoria em TI

High specificity

We can find the missing piece of major projects


We got no borders

We can search globally for the talent you demand

Your proposal more attractive

Assembling an eye-catching proposal for IT workers is tricky. We will review and build with you the offer so the right people apply.


Who do you need?

We speak fluent developer language - you will understand whom you require, and the candidates will be on the same page as you.


Who trust our hunters

Link Factory is formed by an expert team of recruiters that found talent for:

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