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Recruiting Team that connects global talent with challenging projects.


About us

We are a group of multinational IT Recruiters with a vast network of candidates through almost every human-populated time zone.

We work with fancy data and marketing tools to quickly share our hunts with top-notch tech talents, providing relevant profiles in a very short time.

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We are success-oriented and our objective is to create links between projects and talents.

Consultoria em TI

We focus on your needs

Let's define your objectives and requirements to discuss its alignment with the market.


We develop relationships with talents

Communication is key to understand what a candidate is looking for

Massive and diverse network

We are very proactive with our networking and have tools that allow us to filter and reach talents in few clicks.


We aren't just filling jobs

Our objective is to create long-term partnerships and high performance teams around the globe.

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Who trust our hunters

Link Factory is formed by an expert team of recruiters that found talent for:

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